Gotland Sheep

Some of the 100% New Zealand Gotlands

Embryo Program

Imported fertilized eggs/embryos are implanted into recipient ewes who carry the embryo to delivery and raise like her own. Below are some of our wonderful recipient mothers.

Beautiful Gotlands - a burgeoning breed in the U.S. Ambing Brook is the first farm in the US to have a few 100% Gotland lambs from embryos imported from New Zealand. Our other Gotland sheep as all in the United States, are crosses from foundation sheep who have been bred with Gotland semen from England, New Zealand or the breed's native Sweden. As subsequent generations develop, we hope to realize the beauty and majesty of the Gotlands.


  • The breed was developed on the Swedish island of Gotland. A native short-tailed breed, the Gotlands were said to be developed as indigenous Gute sheep were crossed with Karakul and Romanov sheep. The primitive horned Gute sheep still survive on the island of Gotland today.

  • Gotlands are wonderful all-round sheep for meat, but are primarily raised for their beautiful fleeces and pelts. The Gotland fleece is medium to fine, long and lustrous.

    We have foundation ewes for our Gotland breeding program- Border Leicesters, Bluefaced Leicesters, Sheltands, Icelandics and crosses from these and other breeds.

    Gotland Sheep Breeders of North America