Breeding Stock

We are the only farm in the US to have 100% Gotland sheep. Imported as embryos from New Zealand, this line has incredibly soft fleece. When bred to the lustrous Swedish lines, the result is a fleece of amazing strength, hand and luster.

Breeding Stock for Sale.

We will be concentrating on our 100% Gotlands, crossing the New Zealand embryos to semen from some of the top rams on Sweden's Gotland island. For that reason we will be selling many of our percentage ewes, along with some 100% rams, and some percentage ram lambs.

This page is under construction (8/24/2016) while we accumulate and upload pictures of the sheep that are currently for sale. please call 240-444-2047 for more information

Ewes for Sale

Rams for Sale

Fleeces for Sale

We have newly acquired Shetlands and Icelandics which are also foundation breeds.