About Us

We came to farming from two different angles. One from scientific research and another from an ambition to join the mystical world of sheepdog work. We both, however, ended up in the same place, with our passion for sheep and dogs coming together to support our life at the farm.

We specialize in Gotland Sheep - and in developing the most lustrous and softest fleece we can in any of our breeds. As subsequent generations develop, we hope to realize the beauty and majesty of all of our animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my dog learn to herd sheep?
    Though herding dogs rely heavily on talent and instinct, a dog requires years of training before she can do even intermediate farm work. Sheepdogs that enter competitions have been trained for years, frequently on a daily basis. Not all herding dogs are border collies, but the working border collie possesses the talent and drive to get the job done! If you are looking for an enrichment experience for you and your pet, we can refer you to a trainer and with some perseverance and luck, you may have a very positive experience.

  • What kind of sheep do you have?
    We have foundation ewes for our Gotland breeding program- Border Leicesters, Bluefaced Leicesters, Sheltands and crosses from these breeds.